About Conference

As defined by UNESCO, Creative industries consist of the “cultural industries, which include publishing, music, cinema, crafts and design, continue to grow steadily apace and have a determinant role to play in the future of culture.” A report by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 2015, confirms that the creative economy sectors of publishing, broadcasting, advertising, performing arts, crafts, and others considerably contribute to national GDP and wealth creation in both the formal and informal economies. In fact, reports UNESCO, the industries contribute around “3 percent of the global GDP.” The importance of creative industries is highlighted through the fact that the 74th United Nations General Assembly has announced 2021 as the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. 

However, it is also ironic that due to many economic recessions at global and local level, climate change, and more recently, the pandemic, has threatened many of these industries, and the communities and individuals associated with them. Through the International Conference of Creative Futures (ICCF’22) hosted by Manipal University Jaipur (focused on the following disciplines and their sub and allied disciplines – Applied Art & Design; Built Environment; Fashion & Textiles; and Spatial Design & Interior Environments), we hope to be able to imagine just, resilient, safe, inclusive and sustainable futures.

The conference objectives are to present new research in: 

1. Resilient, safe, inclusive, just, and sustainable futures of creative industries.

2. Creative industries – traditional and modern.

3. Reconceptualizing imagining futures in a post-pandemic world.

The conference covers four broad disciplinary areas, and other allied fields in the creative industries.

Themes & Sub Themes

Applied Art and Design

  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Visualization
  • Digital Art
  • Typography
  • Illustration
  • Visual Art
  • Performing Art
  • Communication Design
  • Television Advertisement

Built Environment

  • Urban Design
  • Urban Planning
  • Landscape Design
  • Heritage conservation and management
  • Waste management
  • Urban water management.
  • Climate responsive architecture
  • Urban Open spaces and Green Cover
  • Material and construction waste reduction
  • Advanced building services and stuructural systems

Fashion & Textiles

  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Ethical Fashion & consumerism
  • Artificial Intelligence in Fashion
  • Zero Waste Fashion
  • Fashion Journalism & Role of Social Media
  • Technological advancement in Fashion
  • Gender fluidity in Fashion
  • History of Sartorial Dressing

Interior & Spatial Design

  • Green Interiors and Sustainable Design
  • Craft and Technology in Interior Design
  • Urban Interior Design
  • Post-pandemic Interiors
  • Furniture and Product Deisgn
  • Portable and Multi-functional furniture
  • Lighting design
  • Psychology in a space

Call For Papers

Participants are invited to submit extended abstracts here:

Publication Details

Selected papers will be published with Cambridge Scholars Publishing. All papers presented at the conference after peer review will be published in e-proceedings of the conference with ISBN.

Who can participate?

This conference provides an opportunity for academicians, practitioners, consultants, scholars, researchers, and policy makers with different backgrounds and expertise to present and participate in the conference.

Important Dates

Registration Details

Every Paper for the conference needs to be registered at below given category

Participants Indian Rupees USD
1 Industrialists/Faculty/Academicians (Presenter) 5000/- 70
2 Faculty/Academicians (Attendee) 2000/- 30
3 Research Scholars/ Students 1500/- 20

(* The registration fee would be non-refundable in any case)

(*** Against every paper Registration one nominated author from the paper gets registered. Other Authors if wish to participate in the conference, needs to register themselves under given Participant Registration Category)

(**** If you have any concerns regarding the registration difficulties or fees please feel to write us at  [email protected]

Keynote Speakers

Ar. Yatin Pandya

Practicing Architect

Ar. Chitra K. Vishwanath

Practicing Architect

Prof. (Dr.) Angelo Maggi

IUAV University, Venice

Prof. Jay Thakkar

CEPT, Ahmedabad

Prof. (Dr.) Toolika Gupta

Director, IICD, Jaipur

Prof. (Dr.) Nina Sabnani

Former Professor, IDC,  IIT Bombay

Prof. Sasi Gopal Menon

 Dean, School of Design, Sushant University, Gurugram

Organising Committee

Chief Patron

Prof. (Dr.) K Ramnarayan

Chairperson, Manipal University Jaipur


Prof. (Dr.) G.K. Prabhu

President, Manipal University Jaipur

Prof. (Dr.) N.N. Sharma

Pro-President, Manipal University Jaipur

Dr. Nitu Bhatnagar

Registrar, Manipal University Jaipur

Conference Chairs

Prof (Dr.). Madhura Yadav

Dean, Faculty of Design

Manipal University Jaipur

Prof. (Dr.) J. P. Sampath Kumar

Director, School of Planning & Design

Manipal University Jaipur

Dr. Ashok Ganapathy Iyer

Professor & Chairperson

School of Design & Architecture, MAHE Dubai


Prof. Pratibha Mishra

Professor, Dept. of Fashion Design

Prof. Sunanda Kapoor

Professor & Head, School of Architecture & Design


Prof. (Dr.) Anant Kumar Ozarkar

Professor & HoD, Dept. of Fine Arts

Ar. Sneh Singh

Associate Professor. & HOD, Dept. of Interior Design

Organizing Secretaries

Ar. Bibhu K. Nayak

Associate Professor,

School of Arch. & Design

Dr. Kusum Kanwar

Assistant Professor, 

Dept. of Fine Arts

Dr. Richa Jagatramka

Assistant Professor,

Dept. of Interior Design

Dr. Manish Sharma

Assistant Professor,

School of Arch. & Design

Ar. Akshay Gupta

Assistant Professor,

School of Arch. & Design